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Apologia Live Retreat – Take 1

As you most likely know, I had the opportunity and privelage of attending the Apologia Live Retreat in Austin on Friday Oct 21st, and Saturday Oct 22nd.  And as you’ve already heard me say – I had a wonderful time!  :)

I was SO extremely blessed by the amazing speakers and their sweet, sweet hearts for the Lord and for the homeschooling mom!

I took extensive notes – via twitter!  Lol!  It was super fun live tweeting from the retreat.  I tweeted the wonderful nuggets of truth and encouragement that really struck my heart.  It was also great to have other wonderful bloggers in the room doing the same (Amber, Christy, & Heather)- so I could retweet the parts I missed tweeting myself!

So, what I’ve decided to do, is compile those precious nuggets of wisdom and encouragement here for you!  Trying to weed through them on twitter can get a little daunting, so I hope this will give you a picture of what all we learned and walked away with during our weekend in Austin.  There is great wisdom to be found for the homeschool parent – as well as parents in general!

We had amazing, godly ladies who spoke at our Austin retreat – Heidi St.John, Zan Tyler, Debra Bell, Elizabeth Smith, Rachael Carman, followed by a discussion panel of all the speakers at the end.

{L to R: Rachael Carman, Anne MacCallum-worship leader, Debra Bell, Zan Tyler, Heidi St.John, Elizabeth Smith – photo taken during panel discussion time}

In today’s post, I will share some of my favorite highlights from what Heidi and Zan shared with us…

First up: Heidi St. John

  • The goal of education is discipleship – discipleship starts at home.
  • The Lord is going to equip you for everything you will encounter along the way!
  • Listen to your children but remember that the responsibility for bringing them up has been given to you by God.
  • Homeschooling is a miracle – because in and of ourselves – we could never do it! {God is the one working in and through us!}
  • There is no formula for parenting, there is only Faith.
  • Child training trumps the abc’s every time!
  • If your curriculum isn’t working – shelve it! You wouldn’t make your kids wear shoes that hurt.
  • Listen to the Lord – you can not hear from the Lord if you do not spend time in the word.
  • Show your children what it means to listen to the Lord – spend time in the word with them.
  • Listen to the Lord – listen to your husband – listen to your children – listen to godly counsel
  • Spirit-filled homeschooling is not bound by legalism {Dont need to follow what a homeschooler is “supposed” to look like – follow the Lord}
  • Your children have been given to you by the Lord as a weapon in a spiritual battle (Psm 127:4) Launch your arrows for the Lord!
  • Once you let the arrow go, its not coming back. Children are not boomerangs.
  • Invest in what matters most – invest in your child’s heart! That is the goal of Christian parenting!
  • Follow the Leader-Jesus (in your parenting/homeschooling)…what was He like? Gentle and humble in heart.
  • Lord what does it means to take your yoke on me?  Being yoked with Christ means finding rest.
  • Instead of running to the next program for help – run to the Lord – He will provide your every need.
  • We have to partner with the Lord, on our knees, praying over each child.
  • Jesus gave me three imperatives: come to me, take my yoke, learn from me.
  • Academics are a secondary focus – our primary focus should be descipleship.
  • The homeschool years are going to fly by, a blip on the radar, enjoy the journey.

Zan Tyler:

  • who is my child? what is his passion? what interests him? Start with relationship – not curriculum
  • The greatest gift you can give your children is intimacy/relationship in the home
  • the stronger the relationships are with your children, the greater their education in the home
  • Cultivating intimacy.Quality time grows out of quantity of time you spend w your kids, in daily life.
  • time is a great gift the Lord has given us – time is a precursor to intimacy.
  • Cultivate intimacy with personal presence with your kids.
  • Jesus WALKED w/his disciples, ministering to them, talking to them, spending TIME w them, Investing HIMSELF. {He is our model as parents}
  • Be the unhurried teacher who is about spending time with her kids.
  • God ordained the family – and what He ordained He will bless!
  • If we are going to disciple our children, it is not going to be accidentally – it’s going to be intentionally.
  • Grace is transmitted through Godly parenting.
  • As you’re determined to bless your children – God is much more determined to bless you(us).
  • Interaction with adults is one of the most important tools in a childs development-Who’s interacting with your child?
  •  The home environment is giving them a place to spend time growing up & a place to flourish.
  • One of the worst things we can to do our kids is stay in that negative nit-picky mode
  • When we are negative in homeschooling we are sewing failure into them. We need to speak LIFE into them.
  • Its easy to cross line between encouraging kids & being nit-picky & negative, since they are a reflection of us.
  • The goal is to prepare them (our children) for their God-given calling.
  • Each race is different – but each race has the same destination.
What did I tell you?  Such a blessing and a refreshment to the heart!  Hope you enjoyed those great tidbits from Heidi and Zan as much as I did.  Of course it is such a different experience being there – as opposed to reading it here.  If you ever get the chance to go to an Apologia Live event in the future – take it!!  I promise you wont be disappointed!
To Be Continued…..

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday ~ Stripes

I took this photo at the State Fair of Texas a couple weeks ago in the children’s barnyard area!  We had so much fun looking at and petting all of the sweet baby animals!  They weren’t your typical “barnyard” animals – as you can see!

I entered this photo into a little contest that is being put on my The Children’s Medical Center of Dalls – and I would be thrilled to get your vote!

Of Apologia and Internet

Here I am, blogging from my iPhone again (or rather-still)! Yep, still no internet in the house! Have I mentioned AT&T DSL totally stinks? Actually that would be the people working for AT&T who don’t have their act together! Seriously! They said ‘you might be without internet for an hour at most.‘ some how that hour has turned into 8 days – and still – NADA! Moral of the story – if you have the option to have Internet other than AT&T -by all means- take it!! Rather unfortunately, I do not have that option.

In other news: I had a fabulous time at the Apologia Live Retreat!

I can’t wait to share more, but that will require Internet and a real computer! If you had a chance to check out my twitter feed this weekend, you got a glimpse at the wonderful encouragement we had the privilege of receiving. I can’t wait to share more and give you a better summary of all that went on!

Until then, have a great week friends!

Heading to Apologia Live

I am super excited to be heading for Austin in the morning to attend the Apologia Live conference! Will you be there? I am really looking forward to seeing what God will do in the hearts of homeschool moms at the conference – including my own heart!

If you are not attending this Austin event, be sure to follow along on Twitter tomorrow evening and Saturday for encouraging tidbits. Follow hashtag #apologialive or my twitter timeline for live tweets from this weekends conference!! See you in Austin – or on twitter!😉

7 Years of Precious Life


My girl ~ my sweet daughter ~ turned 7 yesterday.

(Our Internet has been out all week, so I decided to go ahead and write this from my iPhone. I hope it turns out alright.)

Anyone else get all emotional around birthdays?

I really can’t help it. And i’m not really talking about crying emotional – but thoughtful, introspective, emotional. I think about their birth-day. Think about the past years we’ve spent with them during their life. Think about how amazing the gift of life is, and how unbelievably thankful I am to God for blessing us with this child, and the years He’s given her thus far. I think about all she’s been through, and what we’ve been through together, and how God has been faithful through it all. I think about her future, and what God might have planned for her life.

I think about these things and so much more….and my heart overflows with joy and thankfulness to my kind God – who has bkessed me far beyond anything I deserve.

Happy 7th birthday to our precious daughter!




No More Mixer Spills!

Alright, so this might seem a little silly to some….but this was a BIG deal to me today – so I have to share it!!

I have this wonderful old Kitchen Aid mixer my grandma gave me several years ago (her old mixer).  I have no idea how old this baby is, but I love it!  It is still working like a champ!  I get so much great use out of it, and I will use it as long as it keeps tickin’!  The problem I have with it, however, is that it quite frequently splashes/sprays food everywhere when I use it!  This, I do not like.  It’s not fun trying to clean batter from all over your counters/walls/stove/cabinets/floors…you get the picture.  That part of using the mixer drives me nuts!  Since it is an old model kitchen aid, it doesn’t have the splash guard to go with it.  That would be nice.  Anywho, I was using my mixer today and before I turned it on {fearing the horrible mess I was about to make}, noticed a piece of saran wrap laying on the counter….this wonderful ideal instantly popped into my head….

So simple – yet I can not quite express the extent of joy this brings to me!

It’s the little things, folks!

So, my friends, if you find yourself in this same splash-guard-less-mixer-predicament, grab some saran and wrap that baby up!  Turn the mixer on, and presto – delicious goodness without the huge mess!  LOVE it!

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday – Pumpkin Gardening

The first three pie pumpkins from my garden (they are now completely orange).  Getting ready to cook them up for some yummy fall treats!  I am loving growing pumpkins in my garden.  They are crazy, and taking over my yard – but so neat to grow!  I have at least 5 more that will be ready to pick very soon.

A few more pics of the garden {taken on my iPhone}…

I started out with 1 tiny row in 1/2 of my raised bed garden….they took over the whole raised bed – plus the yard.  It now jets our at leas another 3 or 4 feet to the left of what this picture is showing.  Crazy I tell ya!  But I love it!

Pumpkin on the vine

And just for fun….the giant Zucchini we found in the garden!

I have had SO MUCH FUN with this first little garden of mine!  Even with one of the worst droughts Texas has ever seen – the little garden did pretty well!  I am ready to double the size of it next spring….let’s see if I can get Jared on board with that!  ;)